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What is the current status of the farmers’ protest in India?


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The Indian farmers‘ protest, known as the “Delhi Chalo” march, faced obstacles as police detained dozens of farmers en route to New Delhi, disrupting their plan to demand higher crop prices. Despite being stopped by authorities about 200km north of the capital, the farmers aimed to resume their protest by heading to Delhi via bus and train after their tractors were blocked.

However, police in various states detained farmers, including fifty from Rajasthan, while others were stopped from traveling to Delhi. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha, a leading protest group, highlighted the determination of farmers from different regions to join the protests.

The ongoing protests by Indian farmers have been met with challenges as they strive to voice their demands for better crop prices and support. Despite facing detentions and obstacles from authorities, the farmers remain resolute in their efforts to converge on Delhi and continue their fight for fair treatment

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