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Twitter’s Controversial Decision to Remove Legacy Blue Checkmarks Sparks Outrage and Debate


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Twitter has announced that it will begin removing its legacy blue checkmarks on April 1, leaving many users disappointed and angry. The checkmarks, which were once seen as a symbol of authenticity and credibility on the social media platform, will now only be available to those who sign up for Twitter Blue, a subscription service that offers exclusive features such as Edit Tweet, 1080p video uploads, and reader mode.

The decision to remove the checkmarks has been met with criticism, with many users accusing Twitter of prioritizing profits over the integrity of its verification system. Some have even gone so far as to accuse the platform of holding users’ checkmarks for ransom, demanding payment in exchange for maintaining their verified status.

While Twitter claims that the decision to remove the legacy checkmarks was made in response to concerns about the way they were originally awarded, many users are skeptical, arguing that the move is simply a ploy to generate revenue.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has been a vocal critic of Twitter’s verification system, tweeted in December 2022 that the checks would be removed “in a few months” due to their “corrupt and nonsensical” distribution. While some applauded Musk’s decision at the time, others were concerned about the implications of such a move.

Critics argue that by removing the checkmarks, Twitter is devaluing the credibility of its platform and creating a system in which only those who can afford to pay for verification will be considered legitimate. Others have pointed out that the decision could have a chilling effect on free speech, as users may be hesitant to express controversial opinions without the protection of a verified status.

Despite the backlash, Twitter has remained firm in its decision, insisting that the subscription model is necessary to maintain the platform’s viability and continue providing users with high-quality content and features. However, as the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether Twitter will be able to weather the storm and regain the trust of its users.

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