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Sea Guardian-3: Sailing Together for Security


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The Chinese and Pakistani navies are actively engaged in their most extensive joint naval exercise, “Sea Guardian-3,” set against the backdrop of the northern Arabian Sea. The initiative, aimed at bolstering security cooperation and elevating the standard of bilateral combat training, commenced with a grand opening ceremony at the Karachi Naval Dockyard on Saturday, as reported by the Pakistan Navy.

The impressive Chinese flotilla, comprising naval ships, helicopters, fighter jets, a submarine, and a submarine rescue ship, accompanied by a Marine Corps detachment, arrived in Karachi to partake in this collaborative maritime endeavor. The exercise, spanning seven days and marking the third in its series, is slated to conclude on Nov. 17.

During this extensive joint maritime exercise, frontline destroyers and frigates, supported by air assets, will engage in advanced-level drills and naval maneuvers in the North Arabian Sea. Both Pakistani and Chinese navies will also deploy marines and special forces to partake in these rigorous activities. The harbor phase of the exercise promises not only professional development but also social interactions, fostering camaraderie between the participating forces.

The primary objective of Sea Guardian-3 is to facilitate the exchange of professional insights into contemporary traditional and non-traditional threats within the Indian Ocean region. By doing so, the exercise aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation and enhance interoperability between the two navies. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the robust military cooperation between China and Pakistan, emphasizing their shared commitment to regional security and stability.

The joint exercise reflects a commitment to building a unified front against diverse challenges, both conventional and emerging, in the maritime domain. It serves as a platform for the navies of China and Pakistan to learn from each other’s experiences, share best practices, and align strategies for addressing present and future threats effectively.

Highlighting the significance of this joint venture, the Pakistan Navy spokesperson remarked that the exercise is a “reflection of strong bilateral military cooperation.” It is anticipated that Sea Guardian-3 will not only deepen the existing ties between the two navies but also pave the way for more collaborative efforts in the future.

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