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    Jennifer Lopez Faces Backlash for Ben Affleck Father’s Day Tribute

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    Jennifer Lopez received criticism and was labeled as a “cringe” for her Father’s Day tribute to Ben Affleck on social media.

    The renowned songstress took to her Instagram account to express her admiration for Affleck, referring to him as an “amazing” father. She shared a photo and captioned it, “Daddy Appreciation Post. Happy Father’s Day Papa and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Papas out there!! We love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know,” concluding with the hashtag #FathersDay.

    However, Lopez’s post sparked a wave of raised eyebrows among netizens, who accused her of disregarding Marc Anthony, the father of her twins Max and Emme.

    Confused fans questioned why she failed to acknowledge Anthony’s role in parenthood, with one comment stating, “Marc Anthony made you a mom, and he is the father of your children. So why don’t you give the man credit for that too?”

    Another comment criticized Lopez, saying, “How about giving a shout-out to your kids’ actual father instead of all the fill-in men that you’ve had in and out of those poor kids’ lives?”

    Several individuals found the post to be “cringe,” as one person noted, “I don’t know why… but this post is somewhat cringe.”

    Furthermore, questions were raised regarding the appropriateness of posting a shower picture of her husband and linking it to Father’s Day. One comment questioned, “Why would you post a shower pic of your husband? Is that appreciating him as a dad? It’s weird.”

    Another commenter expressed similar confusion, asking, “Why would you post a picture of your husband half-naked and then talk about Father’s Day?”

    Jennifer Lopez’s Father’s Day tribute to Ben Affleck attracted significant attention on social media, eliciting mixed reactions from followers. While some praised the couple’s relationship and admired Affleck’s fatherhood, others criticized Lopez for not acknowledging the role of Marc Anthony in their children’s lives. The controversy surrounding the post demonstrates the scrutiny that public figures face and highlights the sensitive nature of blended families in the public eye.

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