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Israeli Agricultural Technology Revolutionizing Farming Practices


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Israel is at the forefront of revolutionizing the agricultural sector through its innovative use of technology to address the challenges posed by climate change and population growth. With over 500 agri-tech companies listed in a recent Start-Up Nation Central report, Israel’s expertise in agricultural technology is in high demand.

Shmuel Friedman, CEO of Green Wadi, a consulting firm, believes that Israel’s agricultural experience and thriving tech sector have produced numerous technologies that can support farmers in the face of future challenges. One of the major hurdles in agriculture is the shortage of labor. To overcome this, alternative solutions such as robots and machines capable of replacing human labor are crucial, according to Friedman.

One remarkable company leading the way is Tevel, founded and headed by Yanir Maor. Recognizing the scarcity of available labor for fruit picking, as well as the projected increase in crop production and consumption, Maor turned to robotics as the solution. Tevel utilizes drones connected to an AI-powered platform that employs machine vision to analyze images of fruits and determine their ripeness. The fully autonomous system can make decisions on fruit picking, identify fruit color, and detach it from trees. Tevel’s technology has been successfully deployed in Israel, the United States, Italy, and Chile, covering more than 40 different fruit varieties.

Israel's innovative technology for farmers
Israel’s innovative technology for farmers

Farmers have praised Tevel’s technology, acknowledging its potential to revolutionize their traditional practices. The introduction of such advanced technologies into agriculture has the power to significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in the field.

Another Israeli company making strides in agricultural innovation is BloomX. By leveraging algorithms, BloomX predicts the optimal time for pollination, maximizing its effectiveness. Founder and CEO Thai Sade believes that artificial pollination can significantly increase crop yields, addressing the food requirements of a growing global population. Ofri Yongrman Sela, responsible for avocado, wheat, and persimmon production at the Eyal kibbutz, emphasizes that pollination is one of the most challenging aspects of farming. BloomX’s technology, combined with the assistance of bees, has demonstrated yield increases of up to 40%.

BloomX’s artificial pollination technology tackles the current and future problems faced by farmers, including the shortage of pollinating insects and the risks posed by global warming. The cost-effectiveness of this approach also makes it a viable solution for maximizing the productivity of existing orchards, which can be more financially viable than establishing new ones.

The rapid technological advancements in agriculture are transforming the industry. Farmers now benefit from soil sensors, drones, and big data analytics, enabling them to optimize their practices. Technology has become an integral part of agriculture, improving efficiency and sustainability across the board.

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