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Influencer Couple’s Nightmare: Assaulted While Traveling


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In a harrowing incident that has shocked many, popular influencer couple Fernanda and Vicente were brutally attacked by a gang of assailants while traveling through Dumka district in India on their way to Nepal. The couple, renowned for sharing their adventures with over 140,000 followers on Instagram, faced a nightmarish ordeal when they stopped to camp in Dumka and were assaulted. Both Fernanda and Vicente sustained severe injuries, with visible bruises on their faces, as they tearfully recounted the traumatic experience in videos posted on Instagram.

Fernanda revealed the horrifying details, stating that she was subjected to a heinous assault by seven men who also robbed and beat them. Vicente, showing injuries around his mouth, described the brutal attack he endured. Despite the trauma, Fernanda managed to reach a patrol van and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Authorities have arrested three individuals in connection with the attack and are actively pursuing more suspects. This incident sheds light on the alarming issue of sexual violence in India, emphasizing the urgent need for greater awareness and action to address such atrocities.

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