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Global Outrage Over Gaza: Call for Accountability and Action


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The world is witnessing an undeniable humanitarian crisis as the broken, lifeless bodies of Palestinian civilians, including women and children, continue to emerge from the aftermath of Israel’s recent assault on Gaza. The harrowing scenes are nothing short of heart-wrenching, and the international community’s response to these atrocities has raised questions about justice and accountability.

If the perpetrating country were any other nation, the global community, especially the self-proclaimed guardians of the Western rules-based order, would be resoundingly demanding justice and accountability. However, when it comes to Israel, there is a disturbing pattern of impunity that prevails.

For the people of Gaza, the nightmare has been ongoing since the events of October 7th, with Tuesday’s devastating airstrike on Al Ahli Hospital serving as a grim new low in this relentless and brutal conflict. The horrific incident claimed the lives of at least 500 people, and the evidence appears to implicate Israel, despite their denial.

Israel has pointed fingers at the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, claiming that the armed group misfired a missile, ultimately hitting the medical facility. In response, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has vehemently refuted these accusations, deeming them “baseless.”

Amid the fog of war, the truth can often become obscured, but it is crucial to remember that the Israeli military is well-practiced in the art of obfuscation. Tel Aviv’s history is marred by massacres of Palestinian civilians, dating back to 1948.

Israel’s denial of responsibility is met with skepticism by many, as their hands have, for decades, been stained with the blood of Palestinian non-combatants. The most recent wave of hostilities alone has claimed the lives of over 3,300 Palestinians, including 1,000 children. The question must be asked: were all 1,000 of these minors Hamas operatives?

While Israel’s unrestrained brutality is deeply reprehensible, the glaring hypocrisy of the Western world in this conflict is equally disheartening. Numerous Western leaders have made a pilgrimage to Tel Aviv, offering their support to the Israeli regime. The latest among them is U.S. President Joe Biden.

While expressing tepid condolences over the hospital tragedy, President Biden warmly embraced the Israeli Prime Minister, suggesting that the “other team” was likely responsible for the heinous crime. With a sense of triumph, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, dubbed the conflict a battle “between the forces of civilization … and barbarism.” However, the world cannot overlook Israel’s own brutal conduct throughout the years, which, by any measure, can be described as barbaric.

The likelihood of Western powers holding Israel accountable remains slim, given their historical alliances and geopolitical considerations. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the broader international community and, more significantly, the Muslim world to take a resolute stance that transcends mere rhetoric and leads to tangible actions to halt the ongoing tragedy in Palestine.

During an Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in Jeddah on Wednesday, the Iranian Foreign Minister proposed a series of measures, including an oil embargo and sanctions on Israel. Furthermore, there was a call to Muslim states with relations with Tel Aviv to sever these ties.

These propositions bear resemblance to the ‘oil weapon’ deployed by Arab states during the 1973 Middle East conflict. Such measures, though unconventional, should be earnestly considered as a demonstration of global solidarity with the beleaguered population of Palestine.

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