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Fire Ravages Furniture Factory in Chandigarh’s Industrial Area


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In a harrowing incident that sent shockwaves through Chandigarh’s Industrial Area, Phase 2, a raging fire broke out at a prominent furniture factory. The blaze, which erupted on Monday, prompted a swift response from firefighting teams, with 22 fire tenders racing to the scene. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, but the inferno threatened to engulf neighboring factories, prompting frantic efforts to safeguard valuable goods.

The alarm bells rang at 8:04 a.m. when authorities received information about the devastating fire. Fire brigade officer Dashharu Singh recounted the early morning chaos, stating, “The furniture factory contained a substantial amount of inflammable material, contributing to the rapid spread of the flames.” In a race against time, 22 fire tenders were deployed to bring the inferno under control.

The intensity of the fire was such that it posed a grave threat to the adjacent factory. However, the combined efforts of the firefighting teams managed to prevent further devastation. Fortunately, there were no reports of casualties, marking a silver lining amid the dire circumstances.

As the flames roared and billowed smoke into the sky, neighboring factories began to take emergency measures. Fearing the potential escalation of the fire, they swiftly relocated their valuable goods to safer locations.

MPS Chawla, the president of the Chandigarh Industrial Association, shared the tense moments when the fire was discovered, saying, “Around 7.30 am, we heard from the watchman that there was a fire in the factory. Had the fire spread further, it would have been catastrophic as there is a chemical factory and a pharmaceutical firm nearby.”

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