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Colombia’s Diplomatic Move: Opening an Embassy in Ramallah


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Colombian President Gustavo Petro has directed the opening of an embassy in Ramallah, a significant step in establishing diplomatic relations with Palestine. This decision, announced by Foreign Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo, reflects Colombia’s commitment to recognizing Palestinian statehood.

Embracing Diplomacy

Murillo confirmed President Petro’s directive to open the Colombian embassy in Ramallah, emphasizing the growing global trend towards recognizing Palestine as a state. This aligns with the United Nations’ support for a two-state solution outlined in the Oslo Accords.

Standing with Palestine

The decision to establish the embassy in Ramallah follows President Petro’s recent announcement to sever diplomatic ties with Israel in response to actions in Gaza. Petro’s stance underscores Colombia’s support for vulnerable populations in the region.

Global Response

Colombia’s diplomatic shift mirrors similar actions in Latin America, with countries like Bolivia and Chile also reevaluating their ties with Israel. The international community’s increasing recognition of Palestine, including the UN’s support for Palestinian membership, highlights a broader acknowledgment of Palestinian statehood.

Significance of the Embassy

By opening an embassy in Ramallah, Colombia demonstrates its solidarity with Palestinian statehood and its dedication to fostering diplomatic relations in the region.

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