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Assault on International Students at Gujarat University


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A disturbing incident unfolded at Gujarat University where a group allegedly assaulted students from various countries on campus, preventing them from offering namaz at the hostel. The altercation, reported by The Wire, involved around 300 foreign students from Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and other nations studying at the university. The situation escalated when a group of 20-25 individuals entered the hostel premises, objected to the students’ prayers, and resorted to violence, hurling stones and causing injuries to some students.

The incident, as described by Ahmedabad Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, occurred as the international students were offering prayers at their hostel. The attackers demanded that the students pray in a mosque instead, leading to a confrontation that resulted in vandalism, stone-pelting, and damage to property. The mob, reportedly chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans, created a hostile environment for the students, leaving them frightened and their belongings destroyed.

Videos circulating on social media captured the chaos, showing the aftermath of the violence with damaged bikes, broken laptops, and ransacked rooms. The international students expressed fear and disbelief at the situation, emphasizing that such actions were unacceptable and left them feeling unsafe.

While Gujarat University’s vice chancellor attributed the violence to a clash between two groups, the police assured that the situation was under control. An FIR was filed against the suspects, and arrests were imminent. The Ministry of External Affairs acknowledged the incident and was coordinating with the state government to address the matter seriously.

The assault on students offering namaz highlights the need for tolerance and respect for diverse religious practices on university campuses, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

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