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Outrage Erupts as ‘Tere Bin’ Faces Backlash Over Disturbing Marital Rape Scene


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A recent episode of the popular drama series “Tere Bin” has caused a storm on social media, with fans expressing their outrage and disappointment over a disturbing scene depicting marital rape. The episode, which featured Wahaj Ali’s character, Murtasim, apparently forcing himself on his wife Meerab, portrayed by Yumna Zaidi, has ignited a heated debate among the show’s dedicated viewers.

Initially praised for its engaging storyline, “Tere Bin” took an unexpected turn in episode 46, leaving fans shocked and disturbed by the sudden deterioration of Murtasim’s character arc. The subsequent promo for the upcoming episode has only added fuel to the fire, indicating that the drama will delve further into the theme of marital rape.

The backlash against the show and its writer, Nooran Makhdoom, has been swift and vocal. Fans have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns, criticizing the unnecessary inclusion of such a sensitive and distressing plot twist. In response to the criticism, Makhdoom addressed the issue in an interview with Arab News, defending the creative decision.

Makhdoom explained that the scene was deemed essential to the development of the plot and its climax. She urged the audience to withhold judgment until the complete story unfolds, emphasizing that it is just a drama and not a reflection of real-life events. She also clarified that neither the content team nor the production house objected to the new storyline, highlighting that similar themes have been explored in the industry before.

However, the controversy surrounding “Tere Bin” is not an isolated incident. In the past, other popular shows, like “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi,” faced criticism for addressing the issue of marital rape. This suggests that the portrayal of sensitive topics on screen continues to be a contentious subject among viewers.

The outrage from fans has spread across social media platforms, with many expressing their anger and reservations about the upcoming episode. The heated discussions reflect the public’s desire for responsible storytelling that avoids sensationalizing and trivializing serious issues like marital rape.

As the controversy surrounding “Tere Bin” unfolds, it remains to be seen how the show will navigate the backlash and address the concerns raised by its audience. The incident serves as a reminder of the power and influence of television dramas in shaping public discourse and the responsibility that comes with addressing sensitive topics on screen.

The recent episode of “Tere Bin” featuring a marital rape scene has sparked a wave of outrage and criticism from fans. The ensuing controversy highlights the ongoing debate regarding the portrayal of sensitive topics in television dramas. As viewers express their reservations, it is crucial for content creators and the industry as a whole to approach such narratives with sensitivity and responsibility.

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