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Salman Butt’s Unexpected Career Twist


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Former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt, recently removed from the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) selection panel, has received a job offer from the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB). This development follows Butt’s brief appointment, alongside Kamran Akmal and Iftikhar Anjum, as a consultant to the chief selector by the PCB, a decision that faced severe criticism and subsequently led to his removal.

Initially set to assume their roles ahead of the five-match T20I series against New Zealand in January, Butt, along with his fellow consultants, faced a public outcry resulting in the PCB reconsidering and ultimately rescinding the appointments. This decision came after PCB Chief Selector Wahab Riaz acknowledged the controversy surrounding Butt’s inclusion, stating, “People were talking all sorts of stuff about him and Salman Butt. Therefore, I am reverting the decision, and I have told him [Butt] that he cannot be part of the selection team.”

Days after this development, Salman Butt found a silver lining in an unexpected offer from the Afghanistan Cricket Board. The ACB has reached out to Butt, extending an offer for the position of Batting Consultant for the upcoming series against India, scheduled to take place next month. This unexpected opportunity marks a potential new chapter for Butt, providing him with a chance to contribute his expertise to the Afghan cricket team.

The swift turn of events highlights the unpredictability of cricket administration and the evolving dynamics within the sport. Salman Butt, who faced both criticism and support during his cricketing career, is now at the center of a unique career twist, transitioning from a contentious role in the PCB to a potential role with Afghanistan’s cricket team.

As the cricketing community watches this intriguing development, Butt’s potential move to the Afghanistan Cricket Board could offer him a fresh start and a platform to showcase his cricketing acumen in a new setting. The Afghan team, gearing up for a significant series against India, may benefit from Butt’s experience and insights into the game.

The cricketing world will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Salman Butt’s career trajectory, waiting to see whether this unexpected opportunity with Afghanistan opens a new chapter for the former Pakistan captain.

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