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Mohammad Haris Apologizes for Poor Performance Amidst Criticism from Ramiz Raja


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Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Haris has issued an apology to Pakistani fans for his poor performance in the recent T20I series against Afghanistan. Haris was only able to score 22 runs in three innings, which has led to criticism from former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja.

In his apology, Haris took responsibility for his poor performance and promised to come back stronger. He acknowledged that he had not provided a good start for his team and expressed his regret for the result. Haris’s apology shows his maturity as a player and his commitment to improving his performance.

Raja, however, had some harsh words for Haris, saying that he has a problem with being in a hurry and cannot remain calm until he plays an outrageous shot. He further added that Haris cannot keep scoring only 10 or 15 runs and that he needs to focus on building stable innings.

It is important for players to take responsibility for their performance and acknowledge their shortcomings. Haris’s apology is a step in the right direction and shows his dedication to the team. It is also important for players to take constructive criticism from former cricketers like Raja, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the game. Haris can use this criticism to improve his game and become a more consistent performer for Pakistan.

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