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CallCourier Faces Customer Backlash


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Customers of CallCourier, a leading Pakistani courier company, have voiced their frustration with the company’s inefficient service. The Chief Editor of Markhor Times, along with numerous other customers, has experienced significant inconvenience due to the slow and unreliable service provided by CallCourier.

The Chief Editor of Markhor Times stated, “I have personally faced numerous problems with CallCourier’s service, including delayed deliveries and a lack of responsiveness. These issues have not only inconvenienced me but have also led to frustration among many other customers.”In a recent incident, despite the customer’s efforts to receive their parcel, CallCourier returned the package to the brand, further exacerbating the inconvenience faced by the customer.PostEx’s acquisition of CallCourier was anticipated to enhance the company’s reach and capabilities in Pakistan’s fast-accelerating e-commerce market.

CallCourier | Lahore

However, customers continue to encounter challenges with the service, raising concerns about the company’s performance. The Markhor Times urges CallCourier to address these concerns and prioritize the improvement of its services to meet the expectations of its customers. As a leading voice in the community, Markhor Times remains committed to advocating for the rights and satisfaction of consumers.

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