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Widow Sues Kenyan Police for Journalist’s Killing


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The wife of the late journalist Arshad Sharif has initiated legal action against the Kenyan Elite police unit for her husband’s tragic killing in Kenya last year. Javeria Siddique, the widow of Arshad Sharif, has taken legal measures by filing a case that names the Attorney General of Kenya, the national police service of the country, and the Director of Public Prosecution as respondents.

Javeria Siddique’s legal petition is a powerful call for justice. In her lawsuit, she demands that the officers responsible for the murder of her husband, Arshad Sharif, face trial and be held accountable for their actions. The pursuit of justice is rooted in her deep commitment to ensuring that those responsible for this tragic loss are brought to justice.

Additionally, Javeria Siddique has made a poignant request to the court, seeking the court’s directive for the Kenyan Attorney General to issue a public apology to Arshad Sharif’s family within seven days of the court’s order. This apology is expected to encompass an acknowledgment of the facts, acceptance of responsibility, and the provision of a written apology at a public level. This emotional plea emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the pain and suffering that this incident has caused to Arshad Sharif’s family.

Confirming the registration of this legal case, Javeria Siddique has expressed her unwavering determination to seek justice for her husband’s untimely and tragic death. This legal action is not only a pursuit of justice but a testament to her resilience and courage in the face of adversity.

Javeria Siddique has underscored that this case has been filed against the general service unit of Kenya. The reason behind this choice lies in the fact that the incident involving Arshad Sharif’s murder transpired publicly, with later claims that it was a case of mistaken identity. However, these claims are disputed, and Javeria Siddique is determined to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Despite the significant loss experienced by Arshad Sharif’s family, the Kenyan government has not issued an apology or made any contact with the grieving family. This lawsuit reflects the family’s insistence on justice and accountability, as they seek closure in the wake of their immense loss.

The registration of this case follows reports that the five Kenyan police officers involved in Arshad Sharif’s killing have quietly resumed their duties without facing any apparent consequences. This development has raised concerns about the transparency and accountability of the justice system in handling such cases.

It is notable that nine months after the tragic incident involving the journalist’s murder, these officers have not only returned to their regular duties but have also seen two of them being promoted to senior ranks. The lack of accountability and transparency in this case is a matter of profound concern.

Kenya’s Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA), which is tasked with investigating police officers’ conduct, has not yet made its findings public regarding the murder of Arshad Sharif. Despite assurances of providing an update within weeks, the public remains in the dark about the progress of the investigation.

Arshad Sharif had traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, in August, and the tragic incident leading to his death occurred on October 23. During a shootout, Arshad Sharif lost his life, while his driver, Khurram Ahmad, miraculously survived. The circumstances surrounding this incident have been shrouded in questions and concerns.

Arshad Sharif had left Pakistan in August to evade arrest, as he was facing multiple charges, including sedition, due to an interview with Shahbaz Gill, a former aide of Imran Khan. During his stay in Kenya, he was accommodated at the Riverside penthouse owned by businessman Waqar Ahmad, who is the brother of Khurram Ahmad, the individual who was driving Arshad Sharif when the incident occurred.

This legal action taken by Javeria Siddique, Arshad Sharif’s widow, is a plea for justice, transparency, and accountability. It is a call to ensure that no one is above the law and that the loss of a beloved husband and journalist is acknowledged and addressed appropriately.

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