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    Security Concerns in Punjab

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    The Punjab Police has completed its preparations to provide security during the upcoming polls on May 14, in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, police officials have stated that they may not be able to provide security according to the Election Commission of Pakistan’s formula.

    The Election Commission has declared more than 30% of the 53,000 polling stations as sensitive, requiring 11 personnel each, while eight officials will be required for the remaining stations. This means that a total of 400,000 personnel will be required to provide security during the election in Punjab. However, only 100,000 security officials can be provided across the province, including Lahore.

    To ensure that security is maintained during the polls, more than 35,000 policemen will perform duties in the Lahore Police department. Additionally, 50,000 officials will be assigned to provide security during rallies, meetings, and processions. A total of 7,000 personnel will also be deployed to sensitive installations across the province.

    Despite these measures, police officials have stated that they will not be able to provide security as per the election commission’s formula, as they do not have sufficient resources to fulfill the requirement of 400,000 personnel. Therefore, the Punjab Police will provide a security plan by April 10, based on its existing resources.

    The upcoming polls in Punjab are significant as they will determine the future of the province. The government has been facing numerous challenges, including a struggling economy, power outages, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These issues have created a sense of unrest among the public, and the upcoming elections will provide an opportunity for them to voice their opinions and select leaders who they believe can bring about positive change.

    The Punjab Police has completed its preparations for the upcoming elections, but it remains to be seen if they will be able to provide security according to the election commission’s formula. With only a limited number of personnel available, the police will need to work within their existing resources to ensure that the polls are conducted in a secure and peaceful manner.

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