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PTI Vice Chairman Calls for Live Broadcast of Cypher Case


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi called for the live broadcast of the cipher case, emphasizing the international significance of the case and the importance of transparency. During an informal discussion with the media at Adiala Jail, Qureshi expressed his desire for global media attention and questioned why the international media is being denied the opportunity to observe the proceedings.“If we are at fault, the world should know,” he stated, reiterating PTI founder Imran Khan‘s demand for transparent elections.

Qureshi asserted that he would have been a “blue-eyed boy” of the establishment if he had betrayed the country, and emphasized that “arranged and engineered” the people will not accept elections. He also revealed that some party leaders have approached him to leave PTI, and questioned the delay in the ECP’s decision for six months regarding the intra-party election results. Qureshi urged those who want to see Imran Khan released from prison to vote for PTI candidates, revealing that both Imran Khan and he are in solitary confinement.

He further emphasized that the doors for political negotiations are never closed, and PTI is ready to engage in dialogue for the defense of the Constitution and transparent elections. Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s call for the live broadcast of the cipher case highlights the PTI’s commitment to transparency and the importance of revealing the truth behind the case.

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