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Pakistan’s Stance: Enforcing Afghan Refugee Evacuation


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Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership, during an apex committee meeting, has announced a decisive move to address the longstanding issue of illegal Afghan refugees residing within its borders. With the deadline set for October 31, Pakistan is gearing up for a ‘special operation’ scheduled for November 1, aimed at enforcing the evacuation of all illegal Afghan nationals. This operation will provide facilitation to those who voluntarily choose to return to their home country, but stern action will be taken against those who fail to do so within 25 days. The decision comes as a culmination of Pakistan’s commitment to uphold its laws and ensure the departure of illegal residents, regardless of their nationality.

Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch emphasized the importance of adhering to Pakistan’s legal framework, stressing that “Pakistan’s laws regarding illegal residents are very clear, and violators of the law will be fined and deported, while no country can grant freedom of illegal residence to a person.” This m stance underscores the gravity of the situation and Pakistan’s unwavering determination to address it comprehensively.

It is crucial to note that a mere 25 days remain for the evacuation of foreigners residing illegally within Pakistan. Beyond this deadline, the operation will commence, and those in violation of the law will face the consequences. Notably, the fate of registered refugees will be determined separately, highlighting the distinction between those who have followed proper procedures and those who have not.

In a positive development, the caretaker foreign minister’s meeting with the Afghan counterpart in Tibet has yielded fruitful discussions. This diplomatic engagement signifies ongoing efforts to resolve regional issues through dialogue and collaboration.

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In a related matter, Pakistan has called upon India to ensure the safety of its national cricket team as it prepares for the Cricket World Cup. India’s denial of visas to journalists and fans for the event has raised concerns, and Pakistan is seeking assurance that its team will be adequately protected during the tournament.

Meanwhile, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the home department has called for a crucial meeting next week. The meeting will involve representatives from the police and various law enforcement agencies. Its primary focus will be on compiling data related to Afghan residents in the province and reviewing the geo-tagging process of these residents. KP is home to a significant number of illegal Afghan nationals, and the provincial authorities are poised to issue special instructions to institutions in preparation for the potential operation set to commence on November 1.

Pakistan’s determination to address the issue of illegal Afghan refugees within its borders is taking shape with a ‘special operation’ scheduled for November 1. The deadline of October 31 looms large, leaving only 25 days for illegal Afghan nationals to voluntarily depart. Pakistan’s commitment to upholding its laws and ensuring the departure of illegal residents is unwavering, and strict action will be taken against those who fail to comply. The distinction between registered refugees and illegal residents will be considered separately. Additionally, positive diplomatic engagements with Afghanistan and concerns related to the safety of Pakistan’s cricket team have emerged as concurrent issues. In KP, preparations are underway for a potential operation, emphasizing the significance of the situation. Pakistan remains steadfast in its efforts to address this challenge comprehensively and responsibly.

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