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MQM-P: Leading the Fight Against Extremism, Says Khalid Maqbool


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Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, the Convener of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P), recently emphasized that his party remains the most powerful voice against extremism in the country. Addressing the Hindu community, Siddiqui highlighted the example set by MQM-P when they successfully sent Mangla Sharma, a member of the middle class, to the Assembly without fear.

Siddiqui acknowledged that sectarian extremism had reached a point where a party couldn’t even attend the funeral prayer of its own governor. He asserted that MQM-P was at the forefront of combating this dangerous trend, which poses a significant threat to the nation.

The MQM-P Convener acknowledged that his party had chosen a challenging path for itself in the current political landscape dominated by money and vested interests. Despite Senate seats being sold for hefty amounts, MQM-P decided to give its confirmed seat to a school teacher, demonstrating their commitment to principled politics.

Siddiqui emphasized the shared values between the MQM-P and the Hindu community, recognizing the religious minority status of the latter and the linguistic minority status of his party. He assured the community that MQM-P would always strive to protect their rights, even if they didn’t vote for the party.

Highlighting the significance of Karachi, Siddiqui pointed out that Sindh receives one trillion rupees from the city. He noted that a substantial portion of this amount, around 700 billion rupees, is generated through illicit means. Siddiqui argued that the prevailing system in Sindh is based on a feudal structure and that fundamentalism in Pakistan stems from this “Wadera-e-Shahi” (feudal) system.

Promising a change in the status quo, Siddiqui stated that if given the opportunity, MQM-P would challenge the existing system and provide equal representation for all, including those who have been marginalized under the feudal structure. This commitment poses a significant threat to the current feudal power dynamics.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui’s address to the Hindu community showcased MQM-P’s strong stance against extremism and its determination to challenge the existing power structures in Pakistan. By advocating for equal representation and protection of minority rights, MQM-P aims to bring about a more inclusive and progressive political landscape.

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