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Man Lynched by Mob at PTI Rally Over Blasphemy Allegations in Mardan


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A man was lynched by a mob in Sawaldher, Mardan, during a local chapter gathering of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after he allegedly made blasphemous statements in his speech and Dua. The victim was identified as Maulana Nigar of Sawaldher. According to reports, thousands of people in the audience became enraged over his remarks and the police were unable to control the situation, resulting in the lynching of Nigar.

Regional Police Officer Muhammad Ali Khan confirmed the incident and informed the media that the police immediately responded to the situation but the mob went out of control and killed Nigar. The police have shifted the body for postmortem and deployed reserves in the area while legal action is being taken.

Caretaker Chief Minister Azam Khan condemned the incident and directed the police to maintain law and order. He also urged speakers to avoid making religious statements during political rallies and instead give a religious touch to political issues. He called on religious scholars to help defuse the situation and warned the public not to take the law into their own hands.

This tragic incident highlights the ongoing problem of mob violence and vigilantism in Pakistan, particularly in cases involving blasphemy allegations. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to take strict action against those who engage in such violence and for religious leaders to promote tolerance and peaceful conflict resolution.

The incident also raises questions about the responsibility of political parties and their leaders to ensure that their rallies and gatherings do not incite violence or promote hate speech. This responsibility extends to all political parties and their leaders, regardless of their ideological or religious affiliations.

Furthermore, the incident sheds light on the urgent need for Pakistan to reform its blasphemy laws, which have been used to target minorities and justify violence against them. Such laws have been widely criticized by human rights groups for their vague and broad wording, which allows for their misuse and abuse.

The lynching of Maulana Nigar is a tragic reminder of the dangers of religious extremism and vigilantism in Pakistan. It is imperative for the government, law enforcement agencies, and religious leaders to work together to promote tolerance, respect for human rights, and peaceful conflict resolution.

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