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Layers Bakeshop Denies Lizard-in-Cake, Threatens Legal Action


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Layers Bakeshop, A bakery chain originating in Lahore, has come under fire after a TikTok user posted a video claiming to have found a lizard in a cake purchased from one of their branches in Faisalabad. In response, the bakery has strongly denied the allegations and is considering legal action against those involved in defaming their brand.

In an Instagram post addressing the issue, Layers Bakery stated that they take great pride in the quality and hygiene of their products, emphasizing that their factory strictly adheres to the highest cleanliness standards. They declared it technically impossible for foreign objects, including the alleged lizard, to be present in their baked goods.

The bakery expressed their disappointment over the baseless allegations that aim to tarnish their hard-earned reputation. They affirmed their commitment to delivering the best products possible and reserved the right to pursue legal action under Pakistan’s Cybercrime Laws against those involved in defaming their brand.

The statement concluded with a message of gratitude to their customers who have shown trust in the brand throughout this challenging time.

The controversy unfolded when a video started circulating on social media, showing a cake from the Faisalabad branch of Layers Bakeshop allegedly containing a lizard. The videos were shared by a TikTok user named ‘Hassan Tariq‘, causing widespread backlash against the bakery.

Layers Bakeshop has been a popular choice among customers, known for its delectable cakes and pastries. However, the recent incident has led to public outcry and raised concerns about the bakery’s quality control measures.

As the controversy unfolds, the bakery’s reputation hangs in the balance. The allegations have sparked discussions on social media platforms, with people expressing their opinions and sharing their own experiences with Layers Bakeshop.

While the authenticity of the video and the claims made by TikTok User remain in question, Layers Bakeshop is determined to clear its name and defend its hard-earned reputation. The legal action they threaten may serve as a means to protect their brand image and send a strong message to those spreading defamatory content.

In a time when social media can amplify allegations and trigger swift public judgment, it is crucial to investigate the veracity of such claims before drawing conclusions. The outcome of this controversy will not only impact the future of Layers Bakeshop but also serve as a reminder of the power and responsibility associated with sharing information on social media platforms.

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