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Lahore High Court Imposes Fines to Combat Smog


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The Lahore High Court (LHC) has taken a significant step to combat the recurring issue of smog by ordering fines for activities contributing to environmental pollution. The LHC has instructed authorities to impose fines on individuals washing their vehicles at home and for wrongful parking in the provincial capital of Punjab, Lahore.

Smog, which often engulfs cities during the initial days of winter, is primarily caused by vehicle emissions, industrial pollutants, and the burning of crop residues. It leads to severe air quality issues, health problems, and visibility concerns, affecting the well-being of residents.

Justice Shahid Karim issued a written verdict in response to petitions urging the court’s intervention to address the smog threat. The LHC’s directive aims to encourage responsible environmental practices and reduce pollution in the city.

According to the court’s orders, individuals found washing their vehicles at home will face a fine of Rs5,000. Similarly, a fine of Rs5,000 will be imposed for wrong parking in the city. Motorcyclists not wearing helmets will also receive tickets from authorities.

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been instructed not to commence any development projects within the city without prior clearance from the court and the Environmental Department.

During previous hearings, the High Court expressed concerns about the urgency of development projects initiated by the caretaker Punjab government. Justice Karim questioned whether such projects could be postponed for a few months, highlighting the importance of environmental considerations in urban development.

The court’s proactive measures are part of a broader effort to address the environmental challenges associated with smog. By imposing fines on activities that contribute to pollution and emphasizing the need for responsible urban planning, the Lahore High Court aims to protect the health and well-being of Lahore’s residents.

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