Envoirnmental crisis

Candidate for Provincial Assembly of Punjab, Syed Shahbaz Ghous Bukhari met with Director General Environment Punjab, submitted a written petition against KAPCO on seizing the environment, poisoning the underground water and non-existence of facilities to the local population as per the agreement.

Shahbaz Bukhari said that KAPCO has been imposed on the citizens of Kot Addu for the past twenty years. Which does not provide the local population with any facilities except poisonous smoke, poisonous water and early infectious diseases.

Shahbaz Bukhari said outsiders are being given jobs in KAPCO which is abuse to educated youth in the area.

Shahbaz Bukhari presented a position to the Director General that crores of rupees are being digested annually under Corporate Social Responsibility (spending funds on the people of Kot Addu) which should be regularly audited by the NAB.

Shahbaz Bukhari said an organised movement has been launched against the white elephant/KAPCO named Kot Addu rights protection.

Shahbaz Ghous Bukhari said that he will raise the basic rights of Kot Addu on every provincial and federal forum.

DG Environment issues immediate action order and orders both parties to issue notices.

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