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Imran Khan Takes Legal Action Against Election Rigging


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Imran Khan has taken a significant step by lodging a petition in the Supreme Court to address the alleged election rigging and advocate for a comprehensive investigation into the manipulation of election outcomes through the establishment of a judicial commission.

Imran Khan, along with the PTI, has emphasized the necessity of forming an impartial judicial commission comprising Supreme Court judges to oversee an in-depth inquiry into the suspected manipulation of election results that favored specific candidates, thereby compromising the integrity of the electoral process.

The petition underscores the critical role of transparent and fair elections in upholding democracy and stresses that any form of manipulation or rigging undermines the sanctity of the electoral system. It also highlights how political stability is paramount in tackling Pakistan’s economic challenges effectively.

Furthermore, the petition calls for a temporary suspension of government formation at both the federal level and in Punjab until the investigation is concluded, underscoring the gravity of ensuring electoral integrity.

Imran Khan’s initiative underscores that addressing electoral rigging is pivotal for fostering political stability, which in turn is crucial for navigating Pakistan out of its economic difficulties. The petition emphasizes the need to hold those responsible for electoral malpractice accountable to pave the way for a more stable political landscape.

Moreover, it acknowledges that various political entities, including Jamaat-e-Islami and other parties, have also raised concerns and protested against alleged rigging, indicating a broader concern within Pakistan’s political sphere regarding electoral integrity.

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