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Hajj Subsidy Considered


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The Minister for Religious Affairs, Senator Talha Mahmood, has stated that the government is considering giving a subsidy to Hajj pilgrims. However, he has also warned that there may be “problems” during the pilgrimage. He believes that the expensive cost of Hajj can be reduced if expenditures are lowered. The Minister expressed his dissatisfaction with this year’s arrangements and believes there are many loopholes in the Hajj plan. He criticized PIA’s services and stated that he is not satisfied with their transportation service for pilgrims. Additionally, he declared that he would not draw any salary from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Minister also warned that action would be taken against private Hajj operators who fail to fulfill their commitments. He hopes to reduce the miseries of the public during their pilgrimage. The Minister plans to deport Khuddam-ul-Hajj who evade their duty and blacklist operators who deviate from their commitments.

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