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Allegations of Contempt Against PTI Leaders: A Judicial Challenge


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In a recent development, a petition has been lodged in the Supreme Court, accusing key figures from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), namely Raoof Hasan, the Secretary of Information, and Shoaib Shaheen, the spokesperson, of showing contempt towards the judiciary by scandalizing judges. The petitioner, Mian Dawood, has submitted evidence in the form of transcripts from interviews that are deemed contemptuous.

Advocate Mian Dawood has expressed concerns that the PTI is systematically tarnishing the reputation of the judiciary, alleging that Raoof Hasan and Shoaib Shaheen are part of a deliberate scheme to discredit judges. Particularly, inappropriate language directed at Chief Justice Aamer Farooq of the Islamabad High Court has been highlighted by Dawood.

The petition emphasizes Raoof Hasan’s use of the term “tout” to describe the judiciary, insinuating corruption within the legal system. Furthermore, accusations against Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Faez Isa, have been cited as baseless and damaging. Advocate Mian Dawood argues that these actions violate Article 204 of the Constitution and erode public trust inConstitutional crisis in Pakistan: Can the Supreme Court resolve the dispute over elections? the judiciary.

Despite previous instances of contempt of court involving PTI leader Imran Khan, where leniency was shown by the Supreme Court, the petitioner urges for accountability in this case. The lack of consequences for contemptuous remarks made by Imran Khan and other PTI members has emboldened them, as highlighted in the petition.

In light of these circumstances, the petitioner calls for Raoof Hasan and Shoaib Shaheen to face appropriate legal action for their actions that have allegedly scandalized the judiciary. The Supreme Court is urged to uphold the rule of law and address these serious allegations.

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