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Punjab Hospitals Upgradation Works


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Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, recently visited three hospitals in Lahore to review the progress of ongoing upgrade works. During his visit, he directed the installation of new tiles on the floor of the main corridor of the Children’s Hospital within ten days. He also inspected the ongoing construction activities at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology and directed to put biogas pipes underground within 24 hours. Additionally, he witnessed the ongoing upgradation of four floors of the General Hospital and inspected the newly constructed operation theaters.

The visit of the Caretaker Chief Minister to these hospitals highlights the government’s commitment to improving healthcare facilities in the province. The upgrades at these hospitals will not only enhance the quality of healthcare services but also provide a better environment for patients and their families. The installation of new tiles at the Children’s Hospital and the underground placement of biogas pipes at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology are just a few examples of the government’s efforts to ensure these hospitals are equipped with modern facilities.

The Caretaker Chief Minister’s visit also underscores the importance of timely completion of these upgrade works. The government is committed to completing these projects within the stipulated time frame to ensure that patients can benefit from the improved facilities as soon as possible. The ongoing upgradation of four floors of the General Hospital and the newly constructed operation theaters are a testament to the government’s efforts to provide better healthcare services to the people of Punjab.

In addition to the upgrade works, the Caretaker Chief Minister also highlighted the deployment of 800 modern ambulances equipped with advanced medical facilities, including ventilators, across Punjab. This initiative will help ensure that patients receive timely medical attention and care, especially in emergencies.

Overall, the Caretaker Chief Minister’s visit to these hospitals is a positive step towards improving healthcare facilities in Punjab. The government’s commitment to completing these upgrade works within the stipulated time frame and the deployment of modern ambulances equipped with advanced medical facilities are commendable initiatives that will benefit the people of Punjab.

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