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PTI Rally Faces Obstacles


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Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has called on his supporters to attend a public gathering, or “jalsa,” in Lahore at the Minar-e-Pakistan monument. He believes the event, which will take place after Taraweeh prayers on Saturday, will “break all records.” However, police have launched a crackdown on PTI workers, arresting over 50 people from Rahim Yar Khan and 26 workers from Multan, including a PTI leader’s son. The police have also placed containers on some routes leading to the rally, including the entrance and exit routes of Lahore.

Despite the obstacles, Imran Khan is urging his supporters to attend the jalsa and assert their rights as citizens of a free nation. He plans to give his vision for “Haqeeqi Azadi,” or true freedom, and how to pull the country out of the mess caused by the “cabal of crooks.” Imran Khan, who was deposed as prime minister last year, has been campaigning for the upcoming elections and claims that the government will put obstacles in the way of his supporters attending the rally.

The Lahore High Court had initially stopped the PTI from holding a rally and asked the party to let citizens live their routine lives. However, Imran Khan announced a power show at the same venue on March 22. The district administration has allowed the PTI to hold a rally at the Minar-e-Pakistan tonight, but with the arrests and roadblocks, it remains to be seen how many supporters will be able to attend.

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