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PTI-PML-N Election Talks Hindered by Opposition’s Criticism and Ruling Party’s Ultimatum


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The opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders Khawaja Asif and Javed Latif have been criticized by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi for hindering the ongoing election talks between the two parties. This comes after Javed Latif expressed his disapproval towards the government-PTI dialogue, stating that talks should not be held with “terrorists” and those who “want to destroy national institutions.

” The PTI and government have commenced talks on the advice of the Supreme Court after a prolonged deadlock. The parties are expected to hold the third round of negotiations on May 2. However, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s demand for the dissolution of the National Assembly by May 14 has made the chances of positive results from the talks “very slim.” The government has called Imran’s ultimatum “impracticable” and urged him to be more flexible for the success of this dialogue between the two sides.

The ongoing dialogue between the government and the opposition has been a topic of much discussion in Pakistan, with many speculating on the possible outcomes of these talks. While some believe that a resolution can be reached through dialogue, others are skeptical and see little chance of success.

The PTI’s demand for the dissolution of the National Assembly by May 14 has been a major point of contention in these talks, with the government terming it impracticable. The PML-N has also expressed its disapproval of this demand, stating that talks cannot be held at gunpoint and that there should be no pre-conditions for negotiations.

Meanwhile, the PPP has expressed optimism about the talks and hopes that a viable solution can be reached. However, with coalition leaders divided over the issue, it remains to be seen whether these talks will yield any positive results.

As the dialogue enters its final round, tensions are high, and both sides are likely to take a firm stance on their respective positions. The nation will be watching closely to see what transpires in these talks and whether they lead to a resolution of the ongoing political deadlock in Pakistan.

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