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Pervez Khattak Criticizes Imran Khan’s Political Approach


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Parliamentarians (PTIP), former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief ministers, Pervez Khattak and Mahmood Khan, have raised concerns about the political approach adopted by their former leader, Imran Khan. At a public gathering held at the Kohat Sports Complex, these PTIP leaders expressed their reservations, suggesting that Imran Khan’s confrontational politics had caused significant harm to the nation.

In a candid address to the gathering, Pervez Khattak, a former PTI leader, emphasized that Pakistan had endured decades of corruption and mismanagement, resulting in a severe economic crisis. Khattak went further, characterizing Imran Khan as a “skilled and confident liar” whose statements often misled the public. He criticized Khan’s slogans of “new Pakistan” and “change,” deeming them lacking in substance. Khattak also pointed out that while Khan would listen to input from his colleagues casually, he failed to take their recommendations seriously, leading to missed opportunities for progress.

Mahmood Khan, another former KP chief minister and a member of the PTIP, echoed Khattak’s sentiments. He expressed regret that constructive initiatives, such as the introduction of food and education cards to benefit the people, were halted due to Imran Khan’s ego-driven decisions. Mahmood Khan stressed that they did not seek confrontation with state institutions but rather aimed to serve the people and the nation.

The rift within PTI-P has been growing, with leaders openly expressing their dissatisfaction with Imran Khan’s leadership style and policies. Both Khattak and Mahmood Khan, who played pivotal roles in the PTI government during their tenure as KP chief ministers, left the party following a significant exodus of leaders after the events of May 9, when PTI workers engaged in destructive acts across the country, including attacks on army installations.

Pervez Khattak subsequently formed a new political party, while Mahmood Khan, along with former lawmakers Shaukat Ali and Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq Urmar, joined him. Their departure marked a significant shift in the political landscape of Pakistan, as prominent figures within PTI raised concerns about the direction of the party under Imran Khan’s leadership.

As Pakistan navigates its political landscape in the run-up to important elections, the public’s attention is drawn to the divisions within PTI-P and the challenges it faces. The candid statements by former leaders like Pervez Khattak and Mahmood Khan underscore the need for a more inclusive and cooperative political environment, one that focuses on serving the interests of the people and the nation.

The criticism voiced by Pervez Khattak and Mahmood Khan against Imran Khan’s confrontational political approach adds a new dimension to the evolving political landscape of Pakistan. Their concerns reflect a growing sentiment within PTI-P and raise questions about the party’s unity and direction. As the nation prepares for crucial political decisions, the emphasis on constructive politics and service to the people remains a key theme.

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