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Pakistan Urges Kabul to Halt TTP Attacks from Afghan Soil


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In a critical diplomatic stance, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Asif Ali Durrani, has called on the interim government in Kabul to take immediate action to prevent Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from launching terrorist attacks on Pakistani soil from Afghanistan. Durrani emphasized that the peace achieved by the Taliban within Afghanistan must extend to the border regions shared with Pakistan. He also raised concerns about TTP fighters in Afghanistan, who he noted were equipped with US weaponry, and urged their return to Pakistan or their neutralization.

Addressing allegations of interference in Afghanistan by Pakistan, Durrani strongly denied these claims while speaking at a seminar in Islamabad. He clarified that Pakistan was not responsible for inviting the Soviet Union into Afghanistan, nor did it initiate the influx of Afghan refugees into its territory. Durrani underscored that the path to peace, stability, development, and prosperity in Afghanistan should be determined by the Afghan people themselves, highlighting that lasting peace and security solutions for Afghanistan cannot be imposed from outside, whether by Pakistan or the international community.

One of the pressing issues related to the Afghan situation is the presence of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti recently issued an ultimatum to foreign nationals residing illegally in Pakistan, granting them until November 1 to voluntarily leave the country. If individuals fail to adhere to this deadline, law enforcement agencies will proceed with deportations. In response, the Taliban government’s spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, has urged Pakistan to reconsider its policy regarding the repatriation of illegal refugees, asserting that Afghan refugees bear no responsibility for Pakistan’s security challenges.

This diplomatic development underscores the complex and intertwined issues facing Pakistan and Afghanistan, from cross-border security threats to the management of refugee populations. Pakistan’s call for action on TTP attacks originating from Afghan soil reflects its commitment to safeguarding its citizens and maintaining peace along the shared border. It also seeks to address the ongoing concerns related to Afghan refugees within its borders. These dynamics remain at the forefront of regional diplomacy and cooperation.

As Pakistan navigates its relationship with Afghanistan in this evolving landscape, the focus on resolving security challenges and supporting the Afghan people’s aspirations for stability remains paramount. The intricacies of this relationship highlight the need for constructive dialogue and collaboration to address shared concerns and ensure regional peace and prosperity.

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