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Former MPA Mumtaz Ali Chang Caught in Power Theft Scandal


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In a startling turn of events, former PPP Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Mumtaz Ali Chang is now embroiled in a power theft controversy that has left the community in shock. A recent raid conducted by the Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) at Chang’s sprawling 15-acre farmhouse in Sadiqabad revealed an intricate web of electricity pilferage. The operation, led by EXEN Mohsin Nazir, was executed in collaboration with law enforcement, underscoring the seriousness of the situation. The discovery of 15 air-conditioners running on stolen electricity adds an astonishing layer to the scandal, further deepening the legal implications. Mepco authorities have promptly severed the illicit connection and are in the process of evaluating the load to determine the extent of the violation and impose appropriate penalties.

Sadiqabad, a city typically known for its tranquility, found itself at the center of this power theft scandal, involving a prominent political figure. The initial shockwaves sent ripples throughout the region, as residents and political observers alike grapple with the implications of this audacious act.

The clandestine operation came to light when Mepco, in an effort to curb rampant power theft, conducted a thorough investigation. The decision to raid Chang’s farmhouse was based on concrete evidence, and the subsequent findings have left no room for doubt. This incident serves as a stark reminder that power theft is a serious offense, regardless of one’s political or social standing.

The farmhouse’s inventory of 15 air-conditioning units running on the stolen electricity not only raises eyebrows but also highlights the audacity of the act. In a country where power shortages are a common concern, such incidents of theft exacerbate the issue and contribute to the hardships faced by the general public. The disconnection of the meter and the removal of unauthorized wires are crucial steps toward restoring accountability in this case.

Mepco’s commitment to addressing this issue is evident as they meticulously assess the load to calculate the appropriate detection bill and fine. This step ensures that justice is served, and the guilty parties are held accountable for their actions. The consequences of power theft extend beyond financial penalties; they encompass the tarnishing of reputations and the erosion of public trust.

In a related incident, the spotlight turned to the coordinator of ex-MNA Makhdoom Khusru Bakhtiar, who was also caught stealing electricity for his residence. This revelation underscores the widespread nature of power theft in the region. Mepco’s teams, in their ongoing efforts to combat this menace, uncovered an additional 30 cases of electricity theft in Zahir Pir, Jajja Abasian, and Junaidwali. These findings shed light on the urgent need for comprehensive measures to curb this unlawful practice.

Meanwhile, the Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines has not been spared from such illicit activities, as they detected 15 cases of gas theft in the district over the last three days. These findings underscore the need for a holistic approach to tackle energy theft, as it not only deprives the government of much-needed revenue but also endangers the safety and well-being of the community.

In conclusion, the power theft scandal involving former PPP MPA Mumtaz Ali Chang has brought to the forefront a critical issue that demands immediate attention and action. The audacious theft of electricity, with a multitude of air-conditioners running on illicit power, has shocked the community and raised questions about the prevalence of such practices. Mepco’s proactive response and the ongoing investigations into other cases of electricity theft demonstrate a commitment to upholding the law and ensuring that justice prevails.

As this scandal continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder that power theft is a grave offense that transcends political boundaries and social statuses. It is imperative that the government and law enforcement agencies collaborate to implement stricter measures to curb energy theft and protect the interests of the general public.

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