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ECP Calls for Election Symbol Applications from Parties Ahead of General Polls


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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued a directive to political parties, urging them to submit applications for the allocation of election symbols in preparation for the upcoming general polls in the country, anticipated to take place after October. According to the ECP, parties are required to submit their applications, accompanied by the signature of the party leader, by July 19.

In addition to the application, political parties are instructed to provide a list of prioritized symbols they prefer. The election commission emphasized that the party leader’s signature is mandatory for each application and that the address of the party’s head office must be included.

Upon receiving the applications, the ECP will review the eligibility of the parties. Furthermore, the commission has directed parties to resubmit the applications they had previously submitted for the elections in the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) in February. The ECP emphasized that incomplete applications or those submitted via fax will not be considered. Additionally, applications submitted prior to the current date will not be accepted, while those received after July 19 will be rejected. The ECP has also highlighted that the submission of an affidavit, as required by Section 206 of the Election Act 2017, is mandatory along with the applications.

The allocation of election symbols plays a significant role in the electoral process as it helps voters identify and associate political parties and candidates. Symbols serve as visual representations of parties on ballot papers, allowing voters to easily recognize and cast their votes for their preferred candidates. Hence, the timely submission of applications for election symbols is crucial for parties to secure their representation in the general polls.

The ECP’s directive aims to streamline the process of symbol allotment and ensure transparency and fairness in the upcoming elections. By setting a deadline for applications and emphasizing the need for complete and valid submissions, the commission aims to maintain the integrity of the electoral system.

As political parties prepare for the general polls, the submission of applications for election symbols will serve as a pivotal step in their election strategies. The ECP’s thorough scrutiny of the applications will help maintain a level playing field for all participating parties, allowing voters to make informed choices in the democratic process.

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