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COP28: Pakistan’s Urgent Call for Global Climate Action


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In a compelling address at the 28th Conference of Parties of the United Nations (COP 28) in Dubai, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar urged developed nations to spearhead a surge in global mitigation efforts commensurate with their economic stature and historical responsibility. Emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach, Kakar stressed that developed countries should take the lead in setting ambitious climate goals and subsequently assist developing nations in achieving the same.

During his national statement, Prime Minister Kakar advocated for the establishment of a robust framework for a global goal of adaptation, complete with clear targets and indicators, coupled with regular monitoring mechanisms to track progress. Notably, Kakar underscored the importance of directing at least half of climate finance towards adaptation efforts.

Furthermore, the premier called for the immediate execution of the committed $100 billion for climate finance to facilitate the implementation of climate change actions in developing countries and address the impacts of climate change. Kakar emphasized that this financial support should not come at the expense of development finance or exacerbate the already burdensome debt levels of developing nations.

Expressing optimism for tangible outcomes at COP28, Prime Minister Kakar highlighted the urgency of global resilience, especially in the face of climate-related challenges. He urged the international community to move beyond rhetoric and translate expectations into concrete actions. Kakar asserted that COP28 must deliver actionable results to meet the high expectations associated with this global gathering.

In his address, Kakar outlined the environmental challenges faced by Pakistan, citing the super floods experienced last year and the current year being on track to become the hottest in recorded history. He underscored Pakistan’s commitment to addressing climate change, citing the presentation of revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) at COP 26 in Glasgow, targeting a 60% overall reduction in projected emissions by 2030. Additionally, Kakar mentioned the unveiling of a comprehensive national adaptation plan and the initiation of the Living Indus Initiative, showcasing Pakistan’s dedication to climate and nature conservation.

Highlighting Pakistan’s leadership role, Kakar mentioned the nation’s efforts in crafting an agreement on establishing a global loss and damage fund at the previous COP and subsequent endeavors to activate a well-funded loss and damage fund and its financial arrangements.

Prime Minister Kakar stressed the principle of climate justice, emphasizing that developing countries must be empowered to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while contributing to global climate objectives. He reiterated the imperative need for developed countries to provide sufficient additional, predictable, and grant-based climate finance.

On the sidelines of COP28, PM Kakar engaged in discussions with heads of different states, delving into the environmental challenges specific to Pakistan. These meetings further underscored the nation’s commitment to collaborative efforts in addressing the pressing global issue of climate change.

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