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Are the Pakistan Armed Forces Combat-Worthy?


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The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan has released a statement clarifying that the media’s discussion of the combat worthiness of Pakistan’s armed forces has taken the former army chief’s views on the future threat to Pakistan out of context. The ISPR assured the people of Pakistan that the military has always been prepared and combat-worthy, and it will continue to prioritize operational preparedness, equipment, and battle-hardened human resources for the defense of the country.

The ISPR statement comes after journalist Hamid Mir claimed that former COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa had told journalists in 2021 that the Pakistan Army was not capable of combat. Mir further alleged that Bajwa had made a deal on occupied Kashmir, which details have yet to be made public. However, the ISPR denied these claims, stating that Bajwa’s views had been taken out of context, and the armed forces’ combat worthiness was not in question.

The statement by the ISPR reiterates the military’s commitment to operational preparedness and the defense of the country. The media’s misinterpretation of the former army chief’s views on future threats to Pakistan should not undermine the military’s efforts to maintain combat readiness.

It is important to note that discussions on the combat worthiness of a country’s military are crucial to ensure that armed forces are prepared for any eventualities. However, it is equally important to report such discussions accurately and without misquoting or misinterpreting them. This way, the public can have faith in the armed forces ability to defend the country against any threat.

The ISPR statement clarifying the context of the former army chief’s views on the combat worthiness of Pakistan’s armed forces is a reminder to the media to report such discussions accurately. While the media plays a critical role in informing the public about the state of the country’s military readiness, it is equally important not to undermine the military’s efforts by misquoting or misinterpreting such discussions.

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