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What is the story behind the campaign of élan featuring Adnan?


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Actor Adnan Malik recently took part in a vintage and romantic campaign for the fashion brand Élan, a project that held deep personal significance for him. In a heartfelt Instagram caption accompanying the campaign video, Malik revealed that his decision to participate was profoundly influenced by his friendship with designer Khadijah Shah, the creative mind behind Élan.

Khadijah Shah, who endured over nine months of incarceration as a political prisoner following the May 9 riots, reached out to Malik after her release. Despite facing charges of vandalism and rioting, Shah was granted bail in December 2023. Moved by his friend’s resilience and unwavering spirit, Malik wholeheartedly agreed to be part of Élan’s campaign, describing his response as a resounding “HELL YES.”For Malik, the opportunity to work on the campaign was not just about aesthetics but about reconnecting with Shah and understanding her journey. He expressed admiration for Shah’s steadfastness in upholding her values and beliefs during challenging times, highlighting her strength and unwavering commitment to her principles.

The campaign shoot, although enjoyable, held a deeper significance for Malik beyond the glamour of the production. He cherished the moments spent conversing with Shah after the shoot, witnessing her growth and resilience firsthand. Malik praised Shah as a visionary, a warrior, and a compassionate individual who remained true to herself even in the face of adversity. Directed by Naveed Amjad, the campaign video features Mushk Kaleem alongside Adnan Malik, capturing the essence of old-school romance and elegance.

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