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Kate Middleton: The Art of Adapting to Tradition


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Kate Middleton, also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, has managed to win the hearts of Britons and remain a beloved figure within the Royal Family due to her remarkable ability to adapt while adhering to the principles of the monarchy.

Renowned royal author Tom Quinn, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Express, pointed out that Kate Middleton possesses a unique talent for embracing her role within the Royal Family without any complaints. Quinn commended her for being a better actor in this regard than Meghan Markle, as Kate was not born into royalty but has seamlessly integrated herself into her role.

Comparing Kate’s approach to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s mantra of “never complain, never explain,” Quinn emphasized that this quality made Queen Elizabeth a “remarkable monarch.” Kate Middleton seems to have embraced this very principle, choosing not to complain and gracefully adapting to her royal role.

Born and raised in a normal household, Kate Middleton faced a daunting set of royal rules and traditions when she entered the Royal Family. However, she demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability, embodying the essence of a “conformist” in the Royal Family.

This approach has endeared Kate to the public. In a recent poll conducted by YouGov, the Duchess of Cambridge was voted the most popular royal, securing an impressive 72 percent of the public vote. This widespread support reflects the admiration people have for her commitment to her role and her ability to conform to the traditions of the monarchy.

In stark contrast, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was perceived differently. Known for her independent spirit and often labeled as a “rebel,” Meghan garnered just 24 percent of the public vote in the same poll. The contrast between Kate and Meghan’s popularity underscores the public’s appreciation for Kate’s dedication to adhering to the expectations set by the Royal Family.

Quinn elaborated on Meghan Markle’s attitude towards royal rules, noting that she found them restrictive because she aspired to carve her path within the monarchy and make her own rules.

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