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Kate Middleton: Royal Photo Editing Controversy


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Princess Kate recently delighted her followers by sharing a heartwarming photo on social media, capturing a special moment with her three children. However, the image stirred controversy as it was revealed to have been edited, leading to its removal from various photo libraries. This incident has sparked discussions about how differently such a situation might have been perceived if it involved Meghan Markle instead.

According to PR expert Lynn Carratt, the scrutiny and backlash faced by Meghan Markle would likely have been far more severe if she had been in a similar position. Carratt highlighted the common practice of editing photos before they are released to the public, particularly in terms of lighting and coloring. She pointed out previous instances where Meghan herself had been accused of altering official press pictures, citing a specific example involving a Christmas card featuring Meghan, Prince Harry, and their son Archie.

In the case of the Sussexes’ Christmas card, fans speculated that Meghan’s face appeared clearer than Prince Harry’s, leading to assumptions of photo manipulation. However, Meghan’s friend Janina Gavankar later shared the original frame of the photo on social media, revealing that minimal editing had taken place. Despite this clarification, Carratt emphasized that Meghan tends to face harsher criticism compared to Kate Middleton in the eyes of the British public.

The contrasting treatment of the two royal figures reflects a deeper divide in public perception, with Kate often receiving more favorable reactions than Meghan for similar actions. This disparity underscores the complexities of public opinion and media scrutiny when it comes to high-profile figures like members of the royal family.

The comparison between Princess Kate and Meghan Markle in photo editing scandals sheds light on broader societal attitudes and biases that influence how individuals are perceived in the public eye.

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