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Junaid Expresses Views on Tamasha Winner’s Credibility


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Pakistani model and actor Junaid Jamshed Niazi, who gained fame through his acting in the popular drama serial “Sinf E Aahan” and the blockbuster show “Baby Baji,” has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. His participation in Pakistan’s widely-watched reality show “Tamasha” further solidified his position in the limelight, and he quickly became a household name.

In a recent appearance on “The Talk Talk Show,” Junaid Niazi shared his perspective on Aruba Mirza’s victory in “Tamasha.” He began by acknowledging Aruba’s remarkable performance, highlighting her ability to survive in the competition for 50 days. However, he also expressed doubts about the fairness of the voting and selection process, given that viewers and contestants did not have visibility into the vote counts.

Junaid went on to reveal his surprise at the final result, saying, “I was surprised at the result, and I was also told that my votes dropped during my captaincy.” His remarks raised questions about the credibility of Aruba Mirza’s win, not only in his view but also among other contestants.

Addressing Aruba Mirza’s questionable victory, Junaid explained, “She had votes, but still, her win is questionable to me, to all of the contestants too.” He emphasized that upon exiting the competition, several individuals, including Ali Sikander, Michelle Mumtaz, and even contestants from the previous season, had informed him that he was the winner.

Junaid Niazi also shared an interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit, mentioning that he had to wake up Aruba Mirza, as she became a less active participant towards the end of the show. This revelation adds an intriguing dimension to the discussion about the reality show’s fairness and integrity.

In addition to discussing the credibility of the show’s results, Junaid Niazi also made some recommendations for potential contestants in the upcoming season of “Tamasha.” He expressed his desire to see renowned actors such as Javaria Saud, Hira Mani, Muneeb Butt, Sajal, and Ahsan Khan in “Tamasha 3.” These suggestions offer fans of the show a glimpse into the potential future of the series.

The comments made by Junaid Niazi provide valuable insights into the dynamics of reality television and the questions surrounding the authenticity of competition-based shows. His desire to see prominent actors in the next season indicates the enduring appeal of “Tamasha” and its ability to attract top talent from the entertainment industry.

As discussions about the credibility of “Tamasha” continue, it remains to be seen how the show’s producers and organizers will address these concerns and maintain the enthusiasm of its viewers. With the potential inclusion of well-known actors in the upcoming season, “Tamasha” could see increased interest and participation from the audience.

Junaid Niazi’s take on the credibility of the “Tamasha” winner has sparked conversations about the fairness of reality show competitions. His insights and recommendations for the next season add an exciting dimension to the ongoing success of “Tamasha.” Viewers and fans of the show eagerly await its future developments.

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