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Angelina Jolie’s Brave Confession


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In a candid interview with The Face, renowned actor Angelina Jolie revealed some of the toughest moments she has faced in her life, including a period of suicidal ideation. Jolie shared that her early years in the industry were incredibly challenging and led her to contemplate suicide at the young age of 19.

During the interview, Jolie astonishingly admitted that she had even considered hiring a hitman to end her life, as a way to tie up all loose ends. However, an unexpected encounter with a kind and decent person became a turning point for her. This person encouraged her to think it over and reconsider her decision. Jolie reflected on the change in her life at that time and ultimately chose to persevere.

The actor went on to explain her thought process behind considering such a drastic step, acknowledging the guilt that often accompanies suicide, with loved ones feeling responsible for not doing enough to prevent it. However, she reasoned that if someone else were to take her life, it would be seen as murder and relieve those around her from feeling any sense of guilt or responsibility.

To prepare for such a scenario, Jolie even withdrew cash gradually over a period of time, so that any significant amounts of money missing would not raise suspicion. These dark thoughts and elaborate planning demonstrate the depth of her despair during that period.

Ultimately, Jolie found solace and strength in the characters she portrayed on screen. The determination and resilience of these roles became a source of inspiration for her. Jolie expressed gratitude for the opportunity to play characters that require her to tap into her inner strength and serve as a reminder that she can overcome challenges.

While opening up about her struggles, Jolie acknowledged that contemplating suicide is not uncommon, particularly among young individuals. She also acknowledged the impact it would have on those around her, especially her mother, who would have felt immense guilt for not being able to prevent such a tragic outcome.

Despite the darkness she experienced, Jolie’s resilience shines through. She spoke about her current role as Thena, a character requiring extensive training and a strong, positive mindset. Jolie admitted feeling daunted by the role’s demands but emphasized the importance of pushing oneself in order to grow and overcome adversity.

Angelina Jolie’s revelations about her darkest moments shed light on the challenges she faced early in her career and the profound impact they had on her mental health. Her openness serves as a reminder that even the most successful and admired individuals can struggle with their mental well-being.

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