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Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Parizaad Confession


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Ahmed Ali Akbar, the versatile Pakistani actor renowned for his outstanding performances in theatre, television, and film, has etched his name in the hearts of audiences through iconic dramas like “Guzarish” and “Yeh Raha Dil.” His on-screen chemistry with Yumna Zaidi in these productions became the stuff of fan adoration. However, it was his role in the blockbuster drama serial “Parizaad,” aired on Hum TV in July 2021, that catapulted Ahmed Ali Akbar to new heights of popularity.

In a recent revelation on Amna Isani’s YouTube channel, Something Haute, Ahmed Ali Akbar shared previously undisclosed details about his journey with the character of Parizaad. Surprisingly, he revealed that initially, he was hesitant about accepting the role of a dark-skinned character in the drama.

At the outset, Ahmed Ali Akbar candidly admitted, “In the beginning, I read two episodes of Parizaad and thought, ‘What are you giving me in 2020?’” Expressing concern over the character’s description, which portrayed a dark-skinned individual with acne marks, Akbar initially doubted whether the role suited him. It wasn’t until a friend, who worked as an Assistant Director, insisted that he read the complete script, that Akbar began to perceive the depth of Parizaad’s character.

Ahmed Ali Akbar Was Reluctant To Do Parizaad

Akbar recounted, “After reading the birth scene of Parizaad, I felt it should go to someone who looks like the character. A close friend, who is an AD, urged me to read the complete script. It was after the fifteenth episode that I shed tears for him. Before that, I couldn’t understand the character.” This revelation unveils the actor’s initial struggle to connect with the character, shedding light on the internal conflict he faced regarding the appearance of Parizaad.

Despite suggesting alternative actors for the role, Ahmed Ali Akbar acknowledged the industry’s preference for established names to boost a drama’s viewership. He elaborated, “I suggested three actors to them, two were from theatre, but my suggestions weren’t considered because they wanted to sell their drama.” Ultimately, Akbar recognized the internalized struggles of Parizaad, realizing that the character’s issues extended beyond societal perceptions of his appearance. He embraced the complexity of the role, acknowledging that the character’s internalized struggles were integral to his personality.

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