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Gas Infrastructure Improvements Needed


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The residents of Dera Ghazi Khan’s P&L block are facing an increasingly dire situation, one that has left them frustrated and desperate for a resolution. The Department of Gas, responsible for ensuring a reliable gas supply, is now the focal point of their dissatisfaction.

In the P&L area of Dera Ghazi Khan, residents are grappling with a unique and challenging dilemma – the burden of frequent gas shutdowns combined with a consistent lack of gas supply. This unfortunate situation has resulted in a severe double-edged problem, demanding immediate attention.

For several months, residents have coped with the hardship of living without a dependable gas supply. This issue is not merely inconvenient; it’s a matter of daily survival. When they first encountered this problem, they turned to the relevant authorities, hoping for a speedy resolution. However, their patience has worn thin, and their frustration has grown.

In response to their ongoing plight, residents have united in protest, reiterating their calls for relief and a swift resolution to the ongoing crisis. The gas department’s inability to provide reliable and sufficient gas services has left the community in the cold, both literally and metaphorically, as they struggle to endure daily life without this essential resource.

The resilient and determined residents of Dera Ghazi Khan’s P&L area are now demanding immediate action to address the persistent gas shortage and the disruptions it has caused in their lives. They eagerly anticipate a solution that will restore peace and stability to their daily routines.

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