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Dera Ghazi Khan Pothole: Urgent Repairs Needed


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The re-emergence of a troublesome pothole on a relatively new road near Dera Ghazi Khan Seminar Jogg has incited frustration and disappointment among the local residents. The reappearance of this road hazard, despite prior pleas for its repair, has left the community exasperated and inconvenienced.

Only a few months ago, a sizeable pothole surfaced on the road, causing substantial disruption to daily life and traffic. The local inhabitants voiced their concerns and demanded swift action from the authorities, a call that was initially heeded. However, the reappearance of the pothole underscores persistent infrastructure challenges.

The public is now urgently urging the relevant authorities to address this matter. The situation is particularly perplexing because the road in question is relatively new, raising concerns about construction quality and maintenance practices.

Local residents have reported that this persistent pothole is not only damaging vehicles but also leading to traffic jams and an increased risk of accidents. The community rightfully deserves safe and dependable roads, and they are resolute in demanding that their concerns be taken seriously.

As the issue with the pothole continues to persist, the residents of Dera Ghazi Khan remain committed to advocating for a timely resolution. Their hope is that their voices will be heard and that the road will be effectively repaired, ensuring the safety and convenience of all who travel upon it.

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