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Former Chief Justice’s Defamation Case Against Khan Rejected


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A local court on Saturday dismissed a Rs20 billion defamation suit filed by former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan. Chaudhry had sought damages from Khan, accusing him of tarnishing his reputation by alleging judicial involvement in the alleged rigging during the 2013 general elections and using derogatory language against him in June 2014. The lawsuit, initiated in January 2015, aimed to address these grievances.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Haseena Saqlain ruled that the defamation suit was not filed within the legally stipulated timeframe. According to the law, Chaudhry was required to lodge the suit within six months of the incident, a requirement that was not met in this case. Consequently, the court decided to dismiss the suit based on this procedural issue.

Chaudhry, in his legal action, refuted the rigging accusations leveled against him, emphasizing their falsehood. He also highlighted a previous response from Imran Khan’s legal team in July 2013, where they expressed no intention to disrespect any member of the judiciary and urged Chaudhry to reconsider engaging in personal litigation.

This ruling sheds light on the importance of adhering to legal timelines in filing defamation suits and underscores the significance of procedural compliance in legal proceedings. The decision by the court to dismiss the suit due to the timing of its filing showcases the meticulous application of legal principles in addressing such matters.

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