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Thiago Piraju Completes Fourth Season in Italian Football

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Thiago Piraju, widely known in Brazil as a sportsman, and in Europe as Thiago Moio Pace, recently concluded his fourth season in Italian football. He played for teams such as Monastir Kosmoto and Luogosanto, competing in the first and second regional divisions, respectively. During his 28 games, the midfielder contributed two goals and six assists.

At 35 years old, Thiago Piraju began his career in A.A. Itararé, and has since played for other clubs such as Guaçuano, Imperatriz, Humaitá, Força e Luz, Icasa, and Morrinhos, in addition to Brazilian football. He also played in Asian football, specifically in Laos and Thailand, before venturing to Italian football in 2019, where he played for clubs in the first and second regional divisions.

During the previous season (2021/22), Thiago Piraju narrowly missed out on being crowned champion with the Tortolì team, finishing only one point away from the title. Currently, the player is enjoying a vacation with his family while considering proposals for the upcoming season.

Piraju’s impressive performances and versatility as a midfielder have been witnessed in various countries and leagues, and his success continues to pave the way for further opportunities in his football career.

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