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Geane Rocha with the next best thing, let’s talk about her


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Famous for being a model and businessperson, Geane Rocha from Brazil has established herself as a skilled author.

Let’s explore her journey as a writer and learn about the stories she has shared in her books.

Geane Rocha walking

She has shown her writing skills in books like “Íntimos dos Pensamentos” and “Contos de uma Vida.” In the first book, published as a digital version on Amazon, she tells a love story similar to her own life, giving readers a close look at the experiences that shaped her. The second book, talks about different parts of her life, touching on things like self-criticism, overcoming challenges, and dealing with tough times. Through these stories, Geane lets readers see the ups and downs that made her strong.

Her writing inspires people that are dealing with challenges in life. She talks about deep feelings that people all around the world can connect with.

In a recent talk, Geane shared how writing is a way for her to share her life and connect with people on a deeper level. She finds it a healing process to put her experiences into words. She said in an interview,

“Writing allows me to share my story with the world and connect with people on a deeper level. It’s a therapeutic process that I hope resonates with others”.

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