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Rotary’s Global Drive to End Polio


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As the global community unites in the fight against polio, Rotary members are employing both time-tested strategies and innovative ideas to create awareness, secure funds, and garner support to eliminate this debilitating disease. From Europe to Africa, Asia to the Americas, Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio forever remains unwavering.

Germany to Turkey and Back: A Journey to Eradicate Polio

In a captivating journey that spans 16 countries and includes meetings in 38 cities, Bashar Asfour, a dedicated member of the Rotary Club of Tbilisi Ambassador in Georgia, embarked on a European tour in a Volkswagen bus. Starting his journey in Berlin on August 31, his mission is clear: raise awareness, gather donations, and inspire new volunteers to join the fight against polio. His remarkable journey will culminate in Chemnitz, Germany, on October 20 and 21, coinciding with the main Rotary event for World Polio Day in the region. Learn more about his extraordinary journey and how it’s making a difference.

Brazil: Together Against Polio Campaign

Rotary clubs across Brazil have launched the “Together Against Polio” campaign to combat the disease and raise awareness about the importance of vaccination. This comprehensive campaign includes billboards, leaflets, social media graphics, and a dedicated website featuring verified information from trusted sources like the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Leveraging their vast network, Rotary clubs are distributing campaign materials, spreading accurate information, and advocating for polio vaccination nationwide.

Madagascar: Urban Run for Polio Awareness

The Rotary Club of Antananarivo-Mahamasina in Madagascar organized the sixth edition of the Urban Trail, uniting clubs in the capital city. With over 4,000 participants taking part in 7-km and 14-km routes, this event coincided with African Vaccination Week. In partnership with organizations like UNICEF and WHO, this initiative aimed to raise awareness about the PolioPlus program and underscore the critical importance of vaccination.

France: T-Rex Race with Fun and Purpose

In Fréjus, France, participants donned tyrannosaurus rex costumes for a unique race that combines fun and purpose. Organized by District 1730, this event on October 21 and 22 coincides with the Fréjus International Air Festival, offering a creative and attention-grabbing way to support polio eradication. Learn more about this exciting event and how it embodies Rotary’s dedication to a polio-free world.

Colombia: El Zoo del Amor – Bringing Comfort to Terminally Ill Children

Rotarians Sonia Uribe and Alberto Londoño introduced “El Zoo del Amor” to provide comfort to terminally ill children. Stuffed animals like Ana the giraffe and Lucas the tiger, adorned with the Rotary logo, offer solace and smiles. These animals even accompany Rotarians on their global travels, capturing heartwarming photos against iconic backdrops. The project has raised approximately $260,000, which will be allocated to polio eradication efforts and vaccinations for more than 76,000 children, nurturing lives and advancing the goal of a polio-free world.

Philippines: Culinary Collaboration for a Cause

Rotary clubs in the Philippines joined forces for a unique dinner event aimed at raising funds for the End Polio Now campaign. Renowned chefs prepared Dabawenyo and Ilonggo dishes over two days, offering a delectable way to support polio eradication while celebrating fine dining. The clubs are already planning to repeat this successful event and explore additional collaborative efforts to further the cause of polio eradication.

Korea: Gugak Concert Raises $12,000

On the picturesque Korean island of Jeju, Rotary members in District 3662 and the Sehyang Orchestra organized a memorable concert featuring traditional gugak music. This concert, a rare treat for the local residents, attracted 400 attendees and raised approximately $12,000 for the PolioPlus Fund.

Japan: Chiba’s Parade of Unity

Rotary members in Japan’s Chiba prefecture orchestrated a vibrant parade featuring a mikoshi, a portable shrine. This lively event, held in conjunction with the Oyako Sandai Festival, fused festivity with purpose, creating awareness and hope for a world free of polio. Dressed in End Polio Now shirts and festival costumes, the Rotary members left a lasting impression.

India: Italian Rotarians Support Polio Vaccination

Italian Rotarians, along with friends from District 2080, played a crucial role in a vaccination campaign in Uttar Pradesh, India. This initiative, part of the National Immunization Day program, involved collaboration with local frontline health workers, with a notable participation of women in the region. These Italian Rotarians have consistently backed global polio vaccination efforts and are enthusiastic about sharing their stories to garner further support.

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