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WhatsApp Introduces Redesigned Chat Share Sheet and Emoji Panel to Enhance Web User Experience


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WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has announced the introduction of two new updates for its web version, focusing on enhancing user experience. According to reports from WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks app updates, these changes include a redesigned chat share sheet and an updated emoji panel.

The redesigned chat share sheet brings a more compact layout and includes labeled icons, providing users with a streamlined and organized interface. This update aims to simplify the process of sharing content within WhatsApp’s web version. Initially available to beta testers, the new chat share sheet will be gradually rolled out to a broader user base in the coming days.

In addition to the chat share sheet, WhatsApp has also revamped the emoji panel on its web version. Previously, the panel occupied the entire bottom of the screen, but with the latest update, it now appears in a smaller size alongside dedicated tabs for stickers and GIFs. This redesign aims to optimize the use of space and improve accessibility for users when selecting and sending emojis. Like the chat share sheet, the updated emoji panel is currently being tested by beta users and will be made available to more individuals soon.

These recent updates to WhatsApp’s web version reflect the company’s ongoing efforts to refine its interface and provide a seamless user experience across platforms. WhatsApp has previously introduced updates for its native Windows app, including a feature that allows users to keep messages from disappearing and a redesigned message menu with a reaction bar. Initially released to beta testers, these features have been well-received and are now accessible to a wider user base.

The “keep messages” feature enables users to prevent selected messages from disappearing, a functionality that was already available on mobile apps and the Desktop Electron version of WhatsApp. Users can now choose to keep certain messages by selecting the “keep” option within the message menu, and these messages will be listed in the chat info screen. However, users maintain control over their messages and can opt to remove the “keep” option if they want the messages to disappear as usual.

Another notable update is the addition of a button for quick message reactions. The redesigned message menu includes a reactions bar, allowing users to swiftly respond to messages with various emoticons. This new feature enhances user interaction and provides a more engaging messaging experience.

WhatsApp’s consistent efforts to enhance its web version, Windows app, and overall user interface demonstrate the company’s commitment to meeting user expectations and adapting to evolving communication needs.

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