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Mediators Pursue Lasting Ceasefire Amid Humanitarian Crisis


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Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, mediators are set to reconvene in Cairo to seek a formula for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza. The talks aim to address the desperate situation in the besieged Palestinian enclave, with hopes for a pause in fighting rising after previous rounds of negotiations. US President Joe Biden has expressed optimism for an agreement, with a framework deal in place pending Hamas’s agreement to release hostages held since October. The urgency for a ceasefire is underscored by the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, where a quarter of the population is on the brink of famine.

As pressure mounts for humanitarian aid and relief efforts, foreign governments have resorted to airdrops to assist civilians in Gaza. The US military conducted its first airdrop of more than 30,000 meals into Gaza, highlighting the critical need for assistance amidst the conflict. However, challenges persist as Israel demands information on hostages still alive and Hamas maintains its stance on a temporary truce as part of broader efforts to end the war altogether.

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