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Financial Strain on India’s Congress Party Ahead of Elections


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India’s main opposition party, the Congress, faced a significant financial blow as it was asked to pay an additional 18.2 billion rupees ($218 million) in taxes by the Income Tax Department. This move, labeled as “tax terrorism” by Congress treasurer Ajay Maken, was perceived as an attempt to weaken the party financially just weeks before the upcoming general elections. The Congress party vowed to challenge this demand in court, emphasizing that the law was on their side despite the timing of the tax notice.

The Income Tax Department’s latest action against Congress has been met with strong resistance, with accusations of attempting to financially cripple the party ahead of the elections. The party highlighted that the legal process might not provide relief before the elections, scheduled between April 19 and June 1, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is anticipated to secure a third consecutive term.

Congress, historically led by the Gandhi-Nehru family, expressed concerns over the timing of these tax demands and the potential impact on their election campaign. The party’s bank accounts were previously frozen in connection to a tax case from 2018-19, further complicating their financial situation.

While the BJP, led by Modi, denied any political motivation behind the tax cases, Congress raised questions about the fairness and timing of these actions. The Supreme Court is set to hear the case on April 1, but the party remains apprehensive about the financial implications on their election campaign.

The Congress party’s financial challenges due to the tax demands have raised concerns about the fairness of the process and its potential impact on the upcoming elections. The party’s ability to contest the elections effectively amidst these financial hurdles remains a point of contention.

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